Steven Radloff

Heal your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies with me

I use my intuitive gifts and 17 years of medical experience to help my clients understand their current conditions, to design treatments and advise any necessary lifestyle changes.


  • Consultation + custom treatment package (1month) $100

  • Medical Numerology $110

  • Karmic Numerology $40

  • Social Realization numerology $40

  • Relationship Numerology $40



  • Medical Doctor

  • Homeopath

  • Numerologist

  • Bioresonance

Skills & Methods

  • MD GP

  • Medical numerology

  • Psychotherapy

  • Psychosomatic medicine

  • Intuitive


  • English
  • Russian


Yulia graduated from Medical University with honors and qualified as a general physician. After 5 years of work in classical medicine and seeing unsatisfactory results, Yulia came to the conclusion that our classic medicine treats the symptoms without addressing the root causes of disease. She was then guided to explore alternative medicine. Yulia studied Bioresonance diagnostics, Energy and Psychosomatic medicines, Ozone Therapy, and attended various other natural medicine courses.


In her practice, Yulia uses an individualized approach for each patient with the understanding of the connections between diseases, emotions and the mental state of the client. Her approach combines a clear explanation to her clients about the causes and consequences of their diseases. She advises when there are any lifestyle changes necessary and helps with the activation of the many processes for self-healing to recreate the balance between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of the system.

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