The Shaman

Our Shamanic Package gives you the opportunity to connect with these ancient healers and enjoy a gentler way to introduce them to your system.

Whose this designed for?

  • People wanting to benefit from powerful sacred plant medicine with none of the risks.

What do you receive?

  • Phase 1 (5mins/2x day)
  • Peyote (5mins 1x/day)
  • San Pedro (5mins 1x/day)
  • Ayahuasca (5mins 1x/day)
  • Ibogaine (5mins 1x/day)
  • Shamanic crystals (3mins/4x day)



Package Benefits:

Phase 1, Our special formula to prepare the system for healing:

  • Chakra system – To optimize energy flow. A crucial start for a healthy energy system·
  • Grounding – Our connection to Gaia creates greater stability and allows us to function at a much higher level.
  • Full Spectrum Light – To nourish the system on all levels
  • Clearing negative energies – A homeopathic formula that assists the body to identify and clear lower vibrations
  • Protection – To shield us from negativity and keep our vibrations high
  • Oxygenation – Every cell in the body uses oxygen to function properly, this formula is added to increase oxygen availability in your system

Sacred Shamanic plant medicines:

  • Attuning to spiritual realms
  • Thinning the veils
  • Accessing multi-dimensional consciousness
  • Energetic rewiring
  • Reconnecting the energetic networks to help alleviate depression and anxiety
  • Deepening connection with your true nature
  • Greater spiritual awareness
  • Releasing Fear
  • Psychic development
  • Creates deeper grounding
  • Expands grounding cord
  • Heart Healing
  • Attuning the mind centers to the higher dimensions
  • Heightened emotional states
  • Clarity


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