Inner Child

Parents are often bombarded by stress from almost all areas of their life which ultimately could lead to less than optimal parenting (Relationship issues, alcoholism, money problems etc). People can go their entire lives without knowing that at a deep level there is a great deal of untreated pain impacting them unconsciously as a result of childhood wounds or even trauma picked up in utero.


Whose this for?

From everyone having mild issues growing up to the more extreme abuse and broken home cases, this would be helpful for everyone to heal deep unconscious wounds. 

What you receive:

  • The essentials/Phase 1 (5mins/2x)

Some basic essentials to nourish and prepare the system

  • Relationship with Mother (5mins/1x)
  • Relationship with Father (5mins/1x)
  • In Utero Development (5mins/1x)

Healing grid & Clearing protocols to bridge in healing

  • Inner Child healing with Archangel Haniel  (10mins/1x)

Spiritual attunement from Popular meditation channeled by Melanie Beckler

(We create the energetic connection and invocations on the clients behalf with the relevant energetic instructions to automate the meditation)



Package Benefits:

Phase 1, Our special formula to prepare the system for healing:

  • Chakra system – To optimize energy flow. A crucial start for a healthy energy system
  • Grounding – Our connection to Gaia creates greater stability and allows us to function at a much higher level.
  • Full Spectrum Light – To nourish the system on all levels
  • Clearing negative energies – A homeopathic formula that assists the body to identify and clear lower vibrations
  • Protection – To shield us from negativity and keep our vibrations high
  • Oxygenation – Every cell in the body uses oxygen to function properly, this formula is added to increase oxygen availability in your system


Healing Grid & Clearing Template (Applied to Mother, Father and In utero development separately)

Bridging in the spectrum of emotions from the Hawkins Scale to provide emotional keys to create a transformational shift:

  • Courage
  • Neutrality
  • Acceptance
  • Reason
  • Love
  • Joy
  • Peace
  • Grace

Integrating and Catching up the:

  • Life Field
  • Karmic Field
  • Relationship Field
  • Emotional Psychological Development
  • Human Personality


  • Blocks
  • Decisions
  • Judgements
  • Conclusions
  • Computations

Inner Child healing with Archangel Haniel:

  • Rejuvenating soul of inner child
  • Restoring your essence
  • Cosmic ray of healing love with every color of spectrum
  • Customized healing bringing in nurturing
  • Refresh revitalize and reawaken divine imagination of inner child
  • Sense of well being
  • Release fear, abandonment, rejection, feeling unknown.
  • Knowing you are infinitely loved and safe
  • Excitement and radiant joy
  • Download divine blueprint of healed inner child
  • Healing the present self by releasing past wounds
  • Integrating higher understanding 
  • Integrating higher self 
  • divine nature and trust in universe
  • Self love and love for all
  • Willingness
  • Help manifest intentions of your heart into life
  • Heart opening
  • Energy, gifts and blessings
  • Know you are loved
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