DNA Healing


Thanks to the groundbreaking channeled information from Kryon and the contributions from Althea S Hawk In her book Quantum DNA Healing we have simplified processes by which we can heal our DNA to release a diseased state and restore the body to well being.

Through dedicated meditations with focused intention it is possible to modify our DNA, this is the secret behind spontaneous remissions and the placebo effect. When an individual decides with certainty that they will be well, their system responds. “DNA is the great listener,” Kryon. Conversely this is how hypochondriacs manifest disease by mismanaging their own thoughts. The key is engaging our “Innate” self or “quantum brain” with the desired instruction set for well being. With Quantum Resonance we connect the dots to enhance your DNA in a powerful intensified way. 

This package uses a script based on the ones supplied in the book Quantum DNA Healing by Althea S. Hawk as well as specific healing instructions for the 12 layers of DNA by Kryon. This is a very transformative treatment which makes corrections at the most fundamental level of your being. 

What you receive:

  1. Phase 1 (5mins/2x)

Some basic essentials to nourish and prepare the system

  1. Cellular Communication (1mins 1x/day)

Spiritual attunement meditation from Quantum DNA Healing

  1. Mining the akashic records (1mins 1x/day)

Spiritual attunement meditation from Quantum DNA Healing

  1. The 12 Layers of DNA affirmations (1min 1x/day)

Spiritual attunement meditation from The 12 Layers of DNA


Suggestions Advice:

It takes a lot of energy to for your body to recalibrate:

  • Eat clean/light
  • Stay hydrated
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs



Package Benefits:

Phase 1:

  • Chakra system – To optimize energy flow. A crucial start for a healthy energy system
  • Grounding – Our connection to Gaia creates greater stability and allows us to function at a much higher level.
  • Full Spectrum Light – To nourish the system on all levels
  • Clearing negative energies – A homeopathic formula that assists the body to identify and clear lower vibrations
  • Protection – To shield us from negativity and keep our vibrations high
  • Oxygenation – Every cell in the body uses oxygen to function properly, this formula is added to increase oxygen availability in your system

Cellular communication:

  • Cellular adjustments to eradicate disease, to heal and attain optimal cellular functioning.
  • Releasing Akashic memory from cells that no longer serves health or soul purpose.
  • Cells to release energy of any current or past soul programs or patterns that contributed to disease.
  • Void any instructions provided by biological DNA that led to abnormal cellular functioning and disease.
  • Substitute these old instructions for new ones that promote a state where you are completely healthy and free of disease.
  • Extract blueprints for perfect stem cells, containing new information that would be particularly beneficial for you at this time, and apply those to your DNA.
  • Draw upon any Akashic memory of a time when you were completely healthy and free of disease and apply those attributes to your cells and DNA.
  • Remind your cells that they are an expression of the divinity that you are and of their eternal and inseparable connection with the All and to Source.
  • Remind your cells of your desire and intent to heal. Remind cells of their unlimited potential for self-regulation and repair through their access to multidimensional information that is available through our DNA and to us all. 

Mining the Akash

The DNA energetic patterns that are part of past-life templates can be rewritten by mining our Akash. Using very basic instructions to release disease or obtain a desired state, our Innate self accesses a time and space where the desired DNA code existed and applies these modifications to our current DNA making whatever substitutions in energy that are appropriate.

  • To lead a positive and productive life. 
  • To fulfill your true purpose in life. 
  • To have a vibrant and strong healthy body.
  • Any past energies associated with negative beliefs, experiences, or trauma that do not serve you or your highest good be voided and your records rewritten with those that do. 
  • Erase all the energy of any detrimental effects and influence held in your Akash that has led to illness and disease in this life.
  • Void any energies that you have inherited that have contributed to your ill health.
  • Access any energies from the Akash during times in which you existed without physical abnormalities, dysfunction, or impairments and bring these forward and apply them to your DNA.
  • Bring forth and apply positive attributes that will serve me in healing and maintaining my health and vitality now and in the future including strength and confidence.
  • Integrate and embody the energies that have been brought forward, enhancing and activating your DNA with this new information, promoting perfect form and function in your body. 
  • Affirmations:
  • I acknowledge the divinity that I am and my inseparable connection with the All and to Source.
  • I express my desire and intent to heal, manifest my highest potential, be in service to the light, by changing my DNA. 
  • I remind myself that the skills to manifest my own reality in my body and my life at will are an inherent part of me as co-creator.
  • I express my gratitude to Spirit, my higher Self, and Innate Self for their support in facilitating whatever changes in my Akash that are for my best and highest good at this time.

The Twelve Layers of DNA treatment:

  • Dear layer 1, My biological Layer.
  • The cells of my body hold the templates and blueprints of perfect health.
  • I am filled with vitality. I am Youthing everyday.
  • Dear layer 2, My life lessons.
  • My entire entourage is with me now, guiding me through my life lessons.
  • I am a champion of duality in my everyday life.
  • Dear layer 3, Ascension and Activation.
  • I am filled with joy and give permission to connect even deeper with my inner child.
  • My inner child is precious and active in my life. I bring joy to others.
  • Dear layer 4 and 5, My Angelic name.
  • Dear guides and angels inside, dear guides and angels outside. Come closer, come closer, come closer.
  • I give permission for a meld with my guides and angels.
  • I rejoice in my connection and the elevated consciousness that I carry.
  • Dear layer 6, My higher self.
  • My Higher self is the portal of communication to the God within me.
  • I Am God and shall be forever.
  • Dear layer 7, My Lemurian layer.
  • Within my DNA resides divinity. I give permission for this divinity to be revealed.
  • I allow the energy of home to be fully present in my daily life.
  • Dear layer 8, My master Akashic record.
  • Within my akash is deep knowledge and spiritual wisdom.
  • I pull upon my Akashic wisdom to give me health, peace, a long life and beautiful loving relationships with others.
  • Dear layer 9, My healing layer.
  • The cells of my body carry an intelligence known as Innate.
  • I give instructions to Innate to release the correct chemistry for me creating peace, balance, health and a long life.
  • I celebrate this cellular communication and I am an active participant in my own healing.
  • Dear layer 10, Divine belief.
  • The divine creator is within my DNA and wants to be found.
  • I give permission to move beyond my layers of belief and claim my magnificence.
  • I am surrounded by benevolent energies and I allow myself to receive countless blessings.
  • Dear layer 11, Wise Divine Feminine.
  • Dear Pleiadian Star Mothers who created the spark of divinity within me.
  • I call upon your wisdom, grace, beauty and compassion and allow this energy to flow through me now and forever.
  • Dear layer 12, God Almighty.
  • I accept the perfect love of the creator. I am dearly loved.
  • I accept the perfect love of the creator. I am dearly loved.
  • I accept the perfect love of the creator. I am dearly loved.
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