Package created by our expert team combining natural medicine and spiritual treatments.

What you Receive:

  • Phase1 (5mins 2x/day)

Some basic essentials to nourish and prepare the system

  • Diabetes Treatment Protocol (5mins 2x/day)

A combination of frequencies picked from our rates library

  • Energetic System Support (5mins 1x/day)

Suggestions / Advice:

Diabetes, put simply, means you have too much glucose in your bloodstream. A poor diet is usually a precursor to diabetes. Improving the quality of the diet will improve blood sugar levels and provide important nutrients needed for healing.

Avoid: Sugar & refined carbohydrates (no artificial sweeteners either)

Moderate: Fruits and starchy veg like white potato

Healing foods: A High protein diet with good sources of fats and whole grains

Supplements: Unfiltered Apple cider vinegar

The ultimate cleanse < link to blog



Package Benefits:

Phase 1:

  • Chakra system – To optimize energy flow. A crucial start for a healthy energy system
  • Grounding – Our connection to Gaia creates greater stability and allows us to function at a much higher level.
  • Full Spectrum Light – To nourish the system on all levels
  • Clearing negative energies – A homeopathic formula that assists the body to identify and clear lower vibrations
  • Protection – To shield us from negativity and keep our vibrations high
  • Oxygenation – Every cell in the body uses oxygen to function properly, this formula is added to increase oxygen availability in your system

Diabetes Treatment:

  • Normalize pancreas function
  • Increasing insulin release
  • Balancing hormones that increase blood glucose (glucagon, adrenaline, cortisol, growth hormone)
  • Suppressing autoimmune antibodies
  • Normalization of all endocrine glands
  • Support organs which can be effected by high blood sugar (heart, kidneys, skin, urine bladder and eyes)
  • Normalize immune response
  • Increasing energy
  • Improving circulation in the limbs
  • Detoxification of blood and lymph
  • Maintaining of the healthy nervous system to prevent peripheral neuropathy
  • Speed up of healing functions of the body to fight any type of infection
  • Increase sex drive
  • Anti-fungal frequencies
  • Happiness, peace, joy, motivation
  • Increase stress resistance

Energetic System Support:

  • Immune Boost
  • Detoxing & Transforming energy
  • Physical Omega for system needs

All organs and systems:

  • General healing and resetting
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