Detox & PH imbalance


Package created by our expert team combining natural medicine and spiritual treatments.


Fatigue, confusion, shortness of breath,  rapid breathing, headache, lack of appetite, sleepiness, insomnia, arthritis, halitosis, migraines, low blood pressure, strong perspiration, constipation, diarrhea.

What you Receive:

  • Phase1 (5mins 2x/day)

Some basic essentials to nourish and prepare the system

  • PH Imbalance Treatment (5mins 2x/day)

A combination of frequencies picked from our rates library

  • Detox and transforming (5mins 2x/day)

Vortex Healing treatment and frequencies picked from rates library

Advice / Suggestions:

Avoid sugar, alcohol, refined carbohydrates, meat and drugs.

Eat more fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains.


  1. Apple cider Vinegar
  2. Baking Soda



Package Benefits:

Phase 1:

  • Chakra system – To optimize energy flow. A crucial start for a healthy energy system
  • Grounding – Our connection to Gaia creates greater stability and allows us to function at a much higher level.
  • Full Spectrum Light – To nourish the system on all levels
  • Clearing negative energies – A homeopathic formula that assists the body to identify and clear lower vibrations
  • Protection – To shield us from negativity and keep our vibrations high
  • Oxygenation – Every cell in the body uses oxygen to function properly, this formula is added to increase oxygen availability in your system

pH Imbalance Treatment:

  • Normalization of the respiratory system for better utilization of carbon dioxide
  • Optimization of functions of detoxifying organs such as kidneys and liver
  • Increase stress-resistant of the body
  • Neutralizing emotions that acidify the body (fears and anger)
  • Normalization of adrenal glands function (cortisone and adrenaline)
  • Activation of immune system to cure chronic infections
  • Motivation for new healthy eating habits
  • Removing heavy metals
  • Improve conditions for intestinal flora growth
  • Normalization of metabolism and hormones
  • Normalization of sleep patterns through alpha, theta and delta brain waves

Detoxing / Transforming energy:

  • Creates a kind of divine chaos that helps things let go
  • Releases toxins from where they are being stored
  • Helps detox and clean those toxins out
  • Immune boost transmission
  • Heavy metals package
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