Kundalini channel clearing



Kundalini activation seems to bridge the divine into the core of the energy system, including the chakra system, the spine and the brain, as well as increasing the energy in the rest of the nadi system. 


It has a deep harmonizing effect on the whole system. We don’t work with the kundalini energy, we only work on the channel, clearing it out. When the channel is clean, the energy can rise safely and naturally, feeding the chakras and the nervous system.

Phase 1

  • Clearing the tailbone
  • Clearing the “plug” and the bottom of the channel

Phase 1

  • Bring in 5th dimensional energy
  • Clearing the channel
  • Releasing twist and micro-folds
  • Clearing karmic residues in kundalini channel and spine
  • Harmonize left and right sides of channel
  • Clear and energize chakra system (including higher and minor chakras)
  • Optimizing the Meridians, Nadis and Nervous system
  • Nourish Spine