Jan Gazard

DNA Activations – Cord Cutting – Working with Angels – Reiki

Spiritual healing is a journey that leads each person down a unique path that enables them to heal and protect themselves, and I hope to help you take the first step.


  • Session Fee $60



  • DNA activations

  • Cord Cutting

  • Working with Angels

  • Reiki

  • Spell Removal

Skills & Methods

  • Reiki master

  • Medium

  • Channel

  • Clairaudient


  • English


The unexpected death of my husband in 1996 was the beginning of my spiritual journey. It left me wanting to know more about death and life and how we could access the spirit world for our personal development and fulfilment. After devouring every relevant book available and consulting with people from various spiritual backgrounds, I developed a strong interest in healing and became a qualified Reiki Master in 2005. I also felt deeply connected to Angels and knew that I wanted to work with them in my healing. This led me to become an Angelways Accredited Practitioner, a qualification that included interpreting Angel messages by using Angel cards for direction, as well as Psychic Development and Mediumship.
With so many metaphysical modalities being more openly practiced, my learning has continued and I’ve done further training over the years in Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki & Violet Flame Reiki Healing, DNA activation, Cord Cutting and Spell Removal, House and Office Energy Clearing, Mediumship, Sound Therapy with Reiki Drumming, BARS/Access Consciousness, Animal Communication, Soul Retrieval, Violet Flame Energy Re-balancing, Crystal Karmic Releasing, Past Life Regression and SAMHA certified Hypnosis practitioner.

On a personal level, these practices have helped me heal and grow immensely, and I’ve witnessed the peace and healing they’ve brought to many others too. To me, spiritual health is as important as physical health and worth investing your time and energy in, to get wonderful results.


If you are unsure where or how to start, an initial consultation will assist you in getting personalized guidance for your specific concern and together we can identify which modes of healing to investigate. I work closely with Guides and Angels as well as channeling Arcturians during DNA work.

I treat my distant healings exactly the same as my in person clients. Tuning in to the client and their energy system while being guided by spirit as to what is most impacting their system. Once the clearings has been done I usually move on to the DNA Activations unless I’m guided to do otherwise.

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