Quantum Light is a South African based company with the goal of making Healing and Spirituality accessible from anywhere in the world.

By creating a platform through which our clients can be introduced to Expert Healers, Psychics and Quantum Resonance Technology, we can guarantee that our clients wont need to look far to find something that will add value to their lives.

Steven Radloff

CEO & Founder

From Port Elizabeth South Africa

Stevens Introduction to Healing and spiritual awakening came after a series of difficult circumstances which include a decades worth of addiction, a failed marriage and his mother spiraling into lunacy after unknowingly having married a satanist. In his search for help he was fortunate enough to meet a spiritual mentor and teacher which would be the catalyst in his awakening. For the first time Steven was guided to take inventory of what was happening within.

The following years a tremendous amount of personal development could unfold as he started seeing healers weekly and taking healing courses in his spare time. He started unpacking issue after issue, addressing emotional difficulties, unconscious programs and limiting beliefs. His emotional state becoming more stable and reaching contentment he previously never thought possible.

It is his passion and desire to make available the tools he benefited from the most by bringing together Expert Psychics and healers as well as Quantum Resonance technology to provide clients with an effortless automated way to grow spiritually and attain a much higher quality of life. 

Dr Yulia Medvedeva


Using her medical background and connection to spirit, Dr Yulia has assisted with the designing and testing of our Quantum Resonance packages. She chooses common issues and combines the appropriate energetic treatments into a “one size fits all” energetic solution. The result is the easiest possible way for any individual to start their healing journey and take control of their well-being.

Dr Yulia graduated from Medical University with honors and qualified as a general physician. After 5 years of work in classical medicine and seeing unsatisfactory results, Yulia came to the conclusion that our classic medicine treats the symptoms without addressing the root causes of disease. She was then guided to explore alternative medicine. Yulia studied Bioresonance diagnostics, Energy and Psychosomatic medicines, Ozone Therapy, and attended various other natural medicine courses. She currently works in and around Johannesburg South Africa.