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Quantum Light Online has a team of healers with a variety of methods and modalities for you to choose from.

Jan Gazard

DNA Activations – Cord Cutting – Working with Angels – Reiki

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Dr Yulia Medvedeva

Heal your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies with me

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Patricia Gabriella Watt

Psychic, Medium,

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Our Packages

Quantum Resonance enables our clients to conveniently access an array of beneficial energies and treatments.

Energy System Intensive

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Clear & Release

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Angels and Mahatma

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Inner Child

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Kundalini Awakening

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The Shaman

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Gem Therapy

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Headaches & Pain, Allergies, & Kids Support.

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Emotional & Mental

Support with Inner Child trauma, Clear & Release, Anxiety and Depression.

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Chakras & Body Pathways, The Shaman, and Kundalini Awakening.

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Quantum Light Online

What is Quantum Resonance?

Also known as Radionics. An Alternative medicine mostly used for balancing and restoring the physical and beyond by reintroducing the system to the correct state of being through energetic intervention. It has exciting unexplored applications thanks to its ability to interact with the quantum field.

How does Quantum Resonance work?

The Quantum Resonance Instrument enables us to tap into the zero point field to easily and instantaneously broadcast healing frequencies over scalar waves. It creates an interface with other dimensional planes beyond our physical senses to create an instant energetic connection with the client. It is similar to how shamans and skilled sensitives or healers are able to detect and treat disease by tapping into an energetic link that connects mind and matter. Where attention or intention goes, energy flows. This is how we then bridge in the desired energies or treatments to bring in the blueprints the body, mind  and soul need for optimal function.

How do the healing energies/treatments reach the client?

The energetic link between the instrument and the receiver is created by using a “radionic witness”, this describes something holding the required energetic signature to bridge the connection over any distance. A high quality digital photograph uploaded to the CARE software is what we use to create the connection to the client through the quantum field (The instrument can also read and use hair samples but an ID photo style selfie is enough to capture the energy matrix of the subject).

What energies/frequencies do we use?

We offer energetic medicine combining specific healing frequencies, Light, Homeopathic formulas, Emotions, Color therapy, Flower essences, Gem and Crystal energies and we are even able to create a bridge to divinity with certain intentions to automate the energetics of mediations and healing treatments. We try to create one size fits all energetic solutions to release conditioning and bring about the desired transformations.

Still not sure?

For a limited time we are offering a money back guarantee on your 1st package within 7 days  of purchase for a completely risk free opportunity to experience it for yourself.

“There is no place in this new kind of physics (Quantum Physics) both for the field and matter, for the field is the only reality.”


What is the Quantum Field?

There is a vibratory field that exists at the root of level of consciousness. This foundation of creation is known as The Quantum Field, The Zero Point field, Source, The Akash, The Mind of God, All that is, and many other names.

Everything that exists, arises from this energetic field or matrix, from Galaxies to your DNA. Everything is connected to one source. There is one consciousness, one energetic field, one force that moves through us all. Each of us emits and absorbs energy through this complex wave field which extends into intelligent infinity.

We are not separate from this Field or Source, but one with it. We are extensions of Source/God Energy in physical form. All is one. You are the eyes through which the universe experiences itself. The Quantum field is the multidimensional cosmic glue that connects us to all. It is the Divine Web weaved out of Gods light that permeates every part of your being as well as the entire known universe. 

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