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The Universe is Vibration


There is a vibratory field that exists at the root of level of consciousness. This foundation of creation is known as The Quantum Field, Source, The Akash, The Mind of God, The all that is, and many other names.


Everything that exists, arise from this energetic field or matrix, from Galaxies to your DNA. Everything is connected to one source. There one consciousness, one energetic field, one force that moves through us all. Each of us emits and absorbs energy through this complex wave field which extends into intelligent infinity.


We are not separate from this Field or Source, but one with it. We are extensions of Source/God Energy. In this way we are all connected. Everyone and everything is you. You are the eyes through which the universe experiences itself.


Conditioning happiness when an “even” creates a direct imprint on our consciousness, energy system or body. This “event” can be an external event happening in our environment or an internal one, like an emotion, a thought or physiological reaction. To simplify this, childhood trauma, bad memories, fear, anger or any type of negativity is stored at a cellular level and can easily create limiting beliefs and harmful subconscious programming. Your cells have memory. When we invest our emotions into any kind of negativity, we reinforce dysfunctional patterns.


Any part of the body holding pain or trauma will naturally be unbalanced and lead to some type of disease (dis-ease or disorder). Imagine conditioning as dark energetic gunk clogging up your system. We are providing you with the tools and support needed to release and transmute any issues, for the good of all.

Quantum Light Online

At Quantum Light online we are making previously supressed technology available to all and bringing together a team of healers, psychics and experts in the fields of spiritual growth and development to provide our clients with everything they need on their journey of healing and self discovery.


The technology powering our Healing is called Quantum Resonance. It enables us to send light and healing frequencies at the vibratory level to move stuck energy, release negativity and bring in the blueprints your body mind and soul need for optimal function. This is how Shamans and skilled sensitives or healers are able to detect and treat disease by tapping into an energetic link that connects mind and matter. Where intention goes, energy flows.


We offer energetic medicine combining specific healing frequencies, Light, Homeopathic formulas, Emotions, Color therapy, Flower essences, Gem and Crystal energies, spiritual attunements and much much more. We create one size fits all energetic solutions to bring about the desired transformation.


Quantum resonance technology allows us to tap into the zero point field and broadcast healing frequencies through the use of scalar waves. This is possible over any distance. To create an energetic link between the instrument and the receiver we use a digital photograph (an ID photo style selfie is enough to capture the energy matrix of the subject).


You have now found the support for your spiritual development and well being. Our intentions are to make healing easy, accessible and affordable to all. Our Team of professionals allow you to handle any issue from all angles.


Let us be your bridge to divinity and give you the quality of life you never thought was attainable. To flow with love and light and move from a state of separation to oneness. Where there is light, there cannot be darkness. Choose it.

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Ground, Release, Expand

Connect to Ayahuasca, San Pedro & Peyote and experience powerful advances within your system

Awaken the divine energy within.

We clear and prepare the kundalini channel and Nadi system for kundalini to rise naturally.

We use the Ohm Mantra to advance the system the Kriya way

We create the connection and allow you to receive the attunements from popular meditations, easily, everyday.

Our Gem therapy package is a wonderful way to achieve a lot – 8 New crystal energies updated weekly    




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“There is no place in this new kind of physics (Quantum Physics) both for the field and matter, for the field is the only reality.”

Albert Einstein